Lurplayers. Detail from a rock carving in Tanum, Sweden, c. 2800 years old.
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Monday June 19

Swedish Archives at Home and Abroad

IT Committee. Towards a comprehensive multilingual ontology for music
Concert Ephemera and Performance Research in the United Kingdom

Writing Concert History: the Blessing and Curse of Ephemera

An Online Performance Index for the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Francesca Franchi's talk
Tuesday June 20
D Crombie. Are you interactive? Enhancing access to music

The X-files – the role of libraries and archives vs. local music. The Gävle example

Cooperation between the music school and the public library in Karlstad and Arvika

Cataloguing commission 1 (Cataloguing code developments)
Digitalization of works of the founder of Czech national music, Bedřich Smetana
A sleeping beauty: the collection of libretti in the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels
Alla Semenyuk. Digital Collection of Old Russian music in the Russian State Library
Antony Gordon. Preservation policies at the British Library Sound Archive
Mary Wedgewood. USA's National Audio-Visual Conservation Center and the National Recording Registry
Pio Pellizzari. Conservation policies: Reflections on the concept for a National Sound Archives
Elizabeth Giuliani. Musical sound recordings in the preservation plan of the Bibliothèque nationale de France

Friedrich Hofmeisters Handbuch als Hilfsmittel zur Datierung von Musikdrucken des 19. Jahrhunderts


Wednesday June 21

Laurence Decobert. Music manuscripts on the internet : a service for research ? The projects Gallica and Philidor

Birgitta Sparre. Music-teaching information literacy in Sweden and other Nordic countries

Maaria Harviainen. Information Literacy in Finland and Music Information

Thursday June 22
Digital Beethoven-Haus
Richard Chesser. Turning the pages: Mozart's own thematic catalogue
Christoph Wolff. Mozart digitized
The online music library initiatives in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Presentation digital lending CDR

Cataloguing commission 2 (Cataloguing code developments)
Friday June 23
Egil Törnqvist.The role of music in Ingmar Bergman's screen productions

N. T. Binh. Music, words and silence in Ingmar Bergman's films

Christopher Natzén. Ingmar Bergman’s "three" musical periods as a mirror for the development of Swedish film music

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